Police Update


Police letter following their visit at the weekend and viewing the emails between myself and Donny. Click for full size.

I have had a letter from police with their initial approach to my complaint about Donald Carlos Seoane.

This weekend, Seoane (Donny Long) sent a written threat to frame me then posted doctored emails from my matthopkins email address on his website. He further falsely claimed I operated email accounts in the names of Mike Crockett and Scott Stevens [corrected], which he alleges were used to operate accounts on his site.

So I invited the police around, showed them the real emails between myself and Seoane in which, far from helping him, I discouraged him from committing crimes. The officer requested copies of the emails, links to my site, Donny’s and Kiwi Farms. After looking at them the initial approach is that I am a victim of crime, which will be investigated. Of course they are open minded but given the overwhelming evidence it is kind of an open and shut case. Donny made an explicit written threat to frame me.

I have whited out the reference number and police officers’ names / contact numbers to protect them from harassment. Anyone wishing to contact police and identify themselves as a member of Donny’s site or Kiwi Farms can of course contact the general number. Continue reading

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Georgia Attorney Melissa Potter Sanford Identifies Defendant, Now Seeks $2 Million, Condemns Actions of Joshua Conner Moon

Note – Melissa Sanford has provided comment via Carter-Ruck, a UK law firm.

Since I reported on Melissa Sanford’s lawsuit against the unknown operators of Candice Lynn Potter dot com (CLP), the Georgia based attorney has filed amended complaints in the value of $2 million, broken up into $500,000 compensatory damages, $500,000 additional damages and $1,000,000 punitive damages. In her second amended complaint, Sanford has also identified at least one Defendant, Donald Carlos Seoane. However, other Defendants remain unidentified. I have included the first two pages of the new complaint, showing his name.

It is important in fairness to emphasise at the start of this article that Melissa Sanford is an innocent victim who has been maliciously defamed with false and baseless allegations of sexual wrongdoing. Full background to this is as I set out in my first article. However, now she has identified a Defendant it is important to fairly set out his side of the story, as he is a victim of Kiwi Farms, a despicable hate site run by Sanford’s nephew Joshua Conner Moon. Indeed his motives relate to that site.


Mr Seoane’s motives, set out in big red letters at the top of his site. Click for full size.

Seoane (also known as ‘Donny Long’) feels he is justified in defaming Sanford because of the activities of her nephew’s website Kiwi Farms. The main example he uses is the suicide of a young woman called Julie Terryberry – at one stage it was written in red at the top of his site. In June 2016 a young woman named Julie Terryberry ended her own life, in part due to online harassment by members of Kiwi Farms, who had shared nude photos with the cruellest imaginable comment. They continued to do so even after discovering she was self-harming and had carved the word, “hurt” into her own flesh until it was spelt out in blood. However, this is nothing to do with Melissa Sanford. Commenting via her lawyers, Carter-Ruck Ms Sanford described Mr Moon as ‘estranged’ from her and detailed her pleadings with him to stop his activities. She says she did not know of the incident with Terryberry until I told her, long after the fact.

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Legal Threats from Georgia Attorney Melissa Sanford

Georgia Attorney Melissa Sanford has been suing cowardly anonymous internet trolls, and I wrote an article sympathising and giving context. Now she has taken the brave step of threatening me with legal action in England for my contemporary reporting. I am minded to stand my ground.


Melissa Sanford was first warned of my article about her on 9 May 2017. That enquiry was opened 34 times. It referred to reporting privilege (which is basically the same in UK and Georgia law). No reply was received.

On 09 May I wrote to Melissa Sanford about her court case. I also wrote to the operator of the website she is suing Candice Lynn Potter dot com, (CLP)  and I invited comment. I did this because it is the correct thing to do. I also did it because in UK and American law there is substantial protection against libel claimants if an allegation is put before publication and not disputed. I gave a deadline and offered to extend time. I use a legal off the shelf email tracking service and I warned the recipients I was using it.

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Joshua Conner Moon, Kiwi Farms, User Tracking and Credit Card Fraud on Lolcow.us

Joshua Moon, the infamous internet troll known for running stalker website Kiwi Farms, has been complaining that he is the ‘victim’ of credit card fraud. According to a post by Josh on his forum, around Thursday his payment service Lolcow.us started to receive thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent transactions. I have no idea if this is the case, but during his protestations of being an innocent victim, Josh made statements that clearly contradict earlier remarks (archive here) he is not tracking his donors.


Josh’s current, Nazi themed avatar from Kiwi Farms next to the misspelt disclaimer on his donation site claiming not to track users. Click for full size.

By his own admission, Joshua Conner Moon’s websites have been removed from several hosting companies and payment providers, including Paypal. Most have bowed to the inevitable as soon as they are notified of the site and its nature, but a few talked tough until there was legal action. All removed the site. Now, Kiwi Farms hides its host and payment provider using Cloudflare. Furthermore, the payment provider is hidden by the use of an intermediary website called lolcow.us. Users who wish to donate to Kiwi Farms must type their credit or debit card numbers into code written by Josh and the card number will be forwarded on.

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Melissa P Sanford v John Doe (Candice Lynn Potter DOT com)

The latest innocent victim of Kiwi Farms and Joshua Conner Moon’s stupidity is Moon’s aunt. Joshua Moon’s mother, Candice Lynn Potter has a sister called Melissa P Sanford, an attorney in Georgia at her own law firm, Melissa Sanford Law (http://www.melissasanfordlaw.com). Sanford   has filed a $500,000 lawsuit in Fayette County Georgia against the operators and members of a website named after her sister Candice Lynn Potter (CLP), which has baselessly accused her of a variety of sexual and other forms of wrongdoing.

Judge's Hammer Coming Down on Gavel

More Kiwi Farms related litigation, this time on the other side of the Atlantic in Georgia.

Before writing about the case, your author took the liberty of instructing a process server to retrieve the case file. As the court clerk states that it is a public document, an uploaded scan is available here. Ms Sanford, the Judge and the operator of the CLP site (the Defendant) were all given an opportunity to object prior to publication, including a full Georgia state working day. All of them were offered an extension of time to consider or take advice if they required it. All of them have read the email and none have objected nor disputed the facts alleged. Joshua Moon has previously asked for himself and his mother not to be contacted, and has previously had the opportunity to dispute the various allegations repeated here.

Melissa Sanford’s lawsuit makes interesting reading. Ms Sanford sues for $500,000 for malicious libel and for tortious interference with her business. Given that the Defendant website sets out its motives at the top of the front page as to its purpose, “Our mission is to dox and ruin Joshua Conner Moon, every single one of his family members, and anyone who supports or protects him” it appears proof of malice will be made out with relative ease.

Furthermore the owner of CLP has responded at length to request for comment, in essence admitting that the allegations are in fact libel but opining that he is, “sue proof” and that the litigation will simply provoke substantial anonymous internet republication by his fellow travellers.

However, readers new to this blog, as well as the court in Georgia and the parties’ acquaintances may not understand why a random anonymous website has started stalking Melissa Sanford and her entire extended family. The tragic answer is that, whilst Sanford may be a good and decent woman, her nephew, Candice Lynn Potter’s son Joshua Conner Moon is anything but.

Moon operates a stable of controversial websites, including KiwiFarms.net, lolcow.news, lolcow.wiki, lolcow.email and 16chan. As a result Moon has been the subject of a variety of allegations, including racism, stalking and sexual wrongdoing.

These claims are not made by cowardly anonymous internet trolls but by a variety of publications including New York Magazine, Heat Street (owned by News Corporation), Daily Kos, Crocels News, Rational Wiki, Encyclopaedia Dramatica and this blog. The entire CLP website is no more than a retaliatory version of Moon’s own website Kiwi Farms.

Key articles about Moon and his sites include –

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Racist Lara Witt Tries to Silence /r/The_Donald as Teen Vogue Editor Disavows Her

Lara Witt set her Twitter feed to private for a brief period last week. She was not idle during that time, however. Far from learning her lesson about the dangers of hate speech she was engaging in a sinister and failed attempt to silence Redditors, most likely from popular pro-Donald Trump subreddit /r/The_Donald. She also suggested that she would try to use her now threadbare “press” status to pressure Reddit.


In the red corner, top-left, we have Lara Witt, a racist hard leftist I parody here as a Communist. In the bottom-right, patriot blue corner we have /r/The_Donald – a subreddit of decent human beings.

When Twitter leftists set their accounts to private it is rarely because they have learned their lesson. Instead they are seeking an echo chamber free of criticism where only chosen followers can share their thoughts. If more open minded individuals can gain access, the tweets sent privately can be revealing. Often when the account is visible again, tweets of interest are left up, such as Witt’s plans to silence opponents –

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Despicable Threats Against Oliver Smith Continue Due to CandiceLynnPotter.com

A few weeks ago, Matthew Hopkins News reported that a person claiming to be a Kiwi Farms user had sent threats to a school and MP to stalk a child in the rough area where Oliver Smith lives, demanding that bloggers and Oliver stop criticising Kiwi Farms. A subsequent, anonymous, paper letter was sent to Smith’s home following up on the same threats, with the same goals. With Darwin-award level stupidity, the sender used signed for delivery. This tracks the sender location and timestamp as well as the recipient and all UK post office have CCTV. Subsequently the sender was finally revealed – and their identity is with the police and FBI.

Letter 1

This letter appears to follow up on the terror threat email. It is full of wild allegations but without signature, name or address of sender but has been written by a Kiwi Farms supporter using my style to try to implicate me. Also, best not to use signed for delivery.

This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever read. It is clearly menacing and it is anonymous (it goes on for another crazy page) and wildly untrue but the tracking number is stuck to the envelope. Whoever wrote it clearly expected to be untraceable, so they deserve a Darwin award for stupidity. Royal Mail records show that it was sent from a post office in the B and M store in Park Street Liverpool L8 4UE at 13:12 on 21 March 2017. The shop confirms it holds CCTV. After the extent to which the ‘anonymous’ sender fouled up began to circulate however, there was a fresh revelation.

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Racist Freelance “Journalist” Lara Witt, Terrorism and the Burning Corpses of Jewish Children

In my last article I dealt with Lara Witt’s comments about white people and her calls for terrorist cyber-attacks on Steve Bannon and Vladimir Putin (amongst others). Since then, it has been revealed (hat tip to Heat Street and author Joe Simonson) that she had also tweeted about Jews. An in depth look at Witt’s horrific views on Jewish victims of terror and on the state of Israel reveals further damning evidence of her hateful views and unsuitability for public life.


Lara Witt was initially defiant. However, it appears she is beginning to perceive, at least dimly, the extent of her error. Her Twitter account is now protected. Click for full size.

Only yesterday Lara Witt was running her mouth off on Twitter, complaining of those who took exception to her remarks that “white people are evil” and claiming my invitation that she comment on the draft of my last article was in some way an attempt at “silencing” her. The response to my article about Witt’s vile anti-white hate speech has been astonishing and touching. Many enemies of bigotry and prejudice have taken up my invitation to politely complain to her clients and to PayPal. Earlier today Witt’s Twitter account became private.

Today’s article will deal with another aspect of Witt’s ugly bigotry – her dark views on Jews and the state of Israel. Heat Street identified a particular tweet by Witt (archive here), in which she states her view that, “I find it despicable that some Jewish figures are decrying rockets being launched at them. Israel has the means to protect itself”. Continue reading

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“Whiteness is evil”: Lara Witt, Racist Freelance Contributer to Teen Vogue also Called for Domestic Terror Cyberattack

I was astonished recently to read on /r/The_Donald that Teen Vogue engaged a virulently racist freelance writer, Lara Witt @femmefeministe (archive here). Witt claims that “[…]white people are evil. Whiteness is evil” (archive here). Such statements could be considered criminal in England. Witt also recently launched a veiled attack on members of 4chan coupled with a bizarre demand they hack US and Russian government email accounts. I asked her clients if they agree and invite readers to share their feelings with Witt’s various editors as well as her donations payment handler over at PayPal.


Lara Witt is a virulent racist, a fact not excused by the alleged historical mistreatment of her ancestors. In the United Kingdom, she would be prosecuted.

In England, section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986 makes it a criminal offence to publish written material which is “threatening, abusive or insulting” if, “19 (1) (b) having regard to all the circumstances racial hatred is likely to be stirred up thereby”. A casual glance at the replies shows that the insulting remark is in fact stirring up racially motivated hatred. The offence is punishable on conviction upon indictment by imprisonment up to seven years. If Lara Witt lived in England, she could be in serious trouble with the law.

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New and Sinister Threats to Hertfordshire Children by Kiwi Farms, Will Authorities Take Action?

Earlier this evening, I received an email from Oliver Smith, a Kiwi Farms victim (no relation). I had been in touch to check the progress of a complaint he had made to police. His reply was chilling. An email from “Dynastia’s Apprentice” and tracing back to Joshua Conner Moon’s email service, lolcow.email had been sent to Oliver, a Hertfordshire MP and a local school. Subject: “we will stalk little sue denim at grove road school” (I have changed the child’s name throughout to anonymise them). Grove road is a primary and nursery school. The email demanded that sites and articles critical of Moon’s website Kiwi Farms be taken down or a named child, “sue” would be stalked, presumably in line with official Kiwi Farms policy as set out below.


Kiwi Farm’s official policy on doxing underage children. Click for full size.

The forum, Kiwi Farms is well known for having publicly taken a vote making it policy to target underage children (archive here) and then carrying it out by harvesting pictures of children as young as five like the son of prominent left-wing academic Marian Aanerud.

Joshua Moon, owner of Kiwi Farms also previously owned the now defunct 16chan, which had a board called [paedo]/phile/ for child rape stories. The rules of 16chan, written by Moon expressly permitted such material, which he described as, “child fetishism” and he did not remove child rape stories or the /phile/ board. One story, as recounted in my video, “Enemy Within” included a “fantasy” of the kidnapping, mutilation and murder of a 5-year old child. Specifically a hole was sliced in them and they were raped to death through it. For reasons such as this, many people would like police to take a keen interest in Kiwi Farms users and donors.

The text of the email is as follows –

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